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Holistic Therapist


+1 (786) 351-5324


@ Miami, USA

A Bit About Me

In my journey, I have done pretty much everything society tells you  to do in order to be happy. After many years of unconscious emotional roller coaster, my higher self’s questions became louder and louder and I could not ignore them any longer: Where did we come from? Where are we going? What are we doing here? 

When my professional life began, I would have never imagined that I would become a Holistic Therapist. In my quest for answers, I have studied quantum physics, astrology, reike, feminine ancestral knowledge, shamanism and many other tools of self development. All this knowledge fed my mind and allowed me to be able to experience this wisdom in my body and therefore manifest a higher frequency life. With the full understanding that my experiences with great witches, shamans, natives, mediums; and teachers would have no value if I did not internally transform into my best version, I put my unique medicine into service so that humanity can also ascend from fear to love and oneness.


I am because we are.

Work Experience

January 2021 - 



Making all knowledge and tools available online. With love and in service, I thank you for being here. 

Began Online Workshops:

  • Within us: Elements of nature 

  • Reclaim your feminine consciousness

  • The chakra’s journey

  • You are abundant


Began Online Private sessions:

  • Reprogram yourself

Became a certified moon mother practitioner under Miranda Gray.

Jan. 2019 - April 2019

Lived within an indigenous tribe in the Amazon forest deepening studies on feminine ancestral knowledge and the wisdom of the forest.


Hosted 4 main events of self-development in Los Angeles. Hosted a weekend retreat called wild-woman with 28 participants.


Graduated from the course “Energy astrology;” “Cyclic woman- the moon effects on our body.”

2014 - 2017

Graduated from the course “Quantum Physics applied in Real life.” 

In another life | 1990 - 2014

Graduated from University of Miami in 2014- Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Motion Pictures. Owned a Credit Card Processing company, a Call Center and a Restaurant. Fluent Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and English.

Let's Stay

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