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  • What are Private Sessions?
    One-on-one sessions are an opportunity to work closely with Ella. -in-person Available in Miami (Womb Healing; Womb Blessing). -online Available in all galaxies (Reprogram your Mind).
  • How do the in-person Womb Blessing and Womb Healing work?
    Similar to Reiki, you will simply relax while Ella works on your energy. It can be performed at your own space(extra fee may be charged depending on your location) Or at Midtown Shops(full address will be provided after purchase)
  • How do the online workshops work?
    All online workshops include a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied after the FIRST meeting, you will receive all your money back. All classes will be recorded and will be available to you for the specified period. If you cannot attend the meeting, you will still have access to it. Be aware that for energy purposes, Ella highly encourages you to watch the classes live. If you did not attend the Zoom meeting, you can send your questions to until the end of the program.
  • Where can I find all your offerings?
    Under the tab learning center, find a calendar with upcoming offerings.
  • What do I get when I buy a product set?
    At Ella's shop, it is not just about buying methaphysical tools. It's about learning how to use them and manifesting life changes! In all the sets, you will receive a QR code containing different teachings on how to use your tools and get more out of your manifestation power.
  • What are all the channels I can connect to Ella?
    Ready for action To know all the upcoming offers: Website under Calendar In a hurry To get concise information: Instagram Waiting on a line with time to spare for what truly matters To read more about a specific subject: Blog Cleaning the house or stuck in traffic To inspire new insights and perceptions: Youtube and Spotify podcasts Not sure what to do but want to dance Move your energy by feeling your body: Spotify playlists
  • What are in-person workshops?
    In-person workshops may vary in themes and locations and will be posted on the website when available.
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