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One of a Kind


Description of the product:

1-Walnut Jasper Palm Stone*This is the exact stone you will get.


1-Qr Code


Every purchase comes with a QR code that gives you access to a couple of different practical videos. This one contains:

1-How to work with crystals;

2-How to work with herbs.



At Ella's shop, it is not only about buying metaphysical tools. It is about leaning how to use them and in this way manifesting life changes.

All of the knowledge shared In the videos will help you understand trough practice that you are your own medicine and that you have the power to change your reality.



About the Stone:

Walnut jasper is a type of brown jasper that often resembles wood or, as the name suggests, a walnut! Found all over the world, walnut jasper gets its earthy, tan hue from its high iron content, though not nearly as rich as other jasper stones. Indigenous peoples used this stone and other jaspers as arrowheads to protect them and inspire good luck. Walnut jasper can be a great meditation stone that grounds the user to a more peaceful state and help relieve stress. It can also be used to cleanse emotional and physical bodies from toxins and negative energies.


Every item is carefully curated and ethically sourced.


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