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In-person 1 Hour Reiki  |   Private Session   |Womb Healing

Envisioned by Miranda Gray


What is it?

Female energy balancing is a supportive experience for replenishing energy levels and gently clearing blockages in aspects of the four archetypes that are already awake in a woman's life.



Is the Womb Healing for me?

If you are feeling stagnant, anxious or unbalanced all along, the womb healing is for you. 

The healing helps balance the harmonious flow of energy between the energy centers and between the female archetypes.



 If the woman is going through a major crisis, physically or emotionally, it is advisable to begin with the gentle womb blessing.

After a few sessions, when your energies are more stable we move to the balancing technique of energy centers and archetypes.


How does it work?

The womb healing consists of the of energetic techniques (similar to Reike). 


This practice results in:

1 - energy integration

2 - healing of the four female archetypes during the month after the blessing.


Note that in this session none of the womb blessing techniques are used.



Midtown, Miami - zip code: 33137

Full address will be provided after the booking.


In-person 1 Hour Reiki | Private Session  |Womb Healing

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